Notice of Non-Affiliation with Origenes

The Bowes and Bowe surnames, along with their true variants and ‘orthographic cousins’, have a very rich history and geography that’s never been studied thoroughly, including by this ongoing one-name study. As more people get involved in surname research — some forming companies with commercial agendas such as House of Names and Irish Origenes — the internet is becoming a minefield for inaccurate surname information and simplistic conclusions drawn too hastily.

That’s the case with Irish Origenes‘ ‘Bowes Case Study’, used to draw new customers to its business. Although sharing the Bowes name, Tyrone Bowes of Irish Origenes, Scottish Origenes and English Origenes is not affiliated with this one-name study or the connected DNA project. His work has been critiqued by academics, scientists and others specializing in DNA, Irish history and surname studies. As examples see:

The Bowes One-Name Study doesn’t claim to be complete or completely accurate. It’s a work in progress subject to revisions and corrections. I’m grateful for ongoing advice from experienced experts with the Guild of One-Name Studies, the International Society of Genetic Genealogists, and Surname Origins, as well as other specialists and hobbyists who strive to articulate accurate historical accounts, if not always firm conclusions.