Welcome to the New Website!

I’ll be converting the current Bowes One-Name Study website to this one hosted by the Guild of One-Name Studies. The Guild will host this website with all its material indefinitely. Also, by providing a ‘blog’ function, the new website offers everyone a way to subscribe to see new content, whether or not they are on Facebook.

This conversion will take some time. I’ll edit and update many of the pages at the old site as I transfer them, and I’ll post update notices here as they’re transferred. I may change the template and layout occasionally while I make sure the site supports the various kinds of material I plan to include.

I’ll also recycle some old material from the Facebook timeline on this blog, since many new followers there, and those not on Facebook, may never have seen the older material. I look forward to having a more permanent, searchable record that’s accessible to everyone. (Sorry I’m not too good with catchy designs and layouts!)

Be sure to sign up for updates if you want to follow this page, but I’ll post updates to the Facebook feed too! Thanks for your patience while the website is slowly transferred here!

Martha Bowes